Specialty Flooring

Seriously, you will not find these products anywhere else in the world. Taking care to select the perfect flooring material we then burn it, yes, burn it. We lightly char and brush the flooring to create an effect that is absolutely stunning.


Canadian Wide Fir Flooring

Charred Wide Plank Douglas Fir Flooring

The only other producer of 10" wide plank Douglas fir flooring that we know of is in Europe. Peerless Forest Products has been making and perfecting this floor material for years. It it time now to take this stunning floor material to a new level. We lightly char the surface to change the color of the wood grain to give the visual effects of an exotic dark wood. Another option for a real aged feeling is to fully char and brush the surface. This technique raises the grain while adding the darker coloration of the wood, it truly feels like a well worn farmhouse floor.